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Welcome to Bhutan, The last place on the roof of the world. Bhutan is indeed an extraordinary country-a verdant paradise of just over 700,000 people,Bhutan landlocked and geographically isolated,the country began to tentatively reach out into the twentieth century only recently with roads being built in the 1960s and TV,Internet introduced only in 1999.At the turn of the century,the total number of the tourist who visited the country was just six thousand! No small wonder then that Bhutan is often referred to as the last Shangrila.Considering Bhutan’s relative remoteness and low profile remoteness in today’s global world, one naturally assumes it would be difficult getting there. Fortunately this is not at all true you can travel to Bhutan by air and by road.

Bhutan follows a policy of responsible tourism managed carefully and controlled the growth of the tourism industry so that it does not adversely impact on either their distinct and deeply spiritual indent and cherish culture or damage their pristine and well preserved environment .in keeping with the high benefit-low philosophy, efforts are being made to spread tourist related and other development projects through the country rather than concentrating them only in a few spots, hereby spreading prosperity, discouraging rural migration and diluting environment impact.

Tourism in Bhutan (Tour Bhutan Travel)was open only in 1974 and right from the start Bhutan regulated the flow of tourist to the country by introducing high tariff in order to preserve its rich cultural heritage, unique national identity and pristine environment. Through its restricted tourism policy, Bhutan has emerged as one of the few unexplored tourist destinations in the world. Today Bhutan has become one of the most exotic destinations for many international travelers.Come prepared to meet and interact with a people who are dignified,extremely friendly,hospitable and disciplined.Bhutan is ranked as one of the safest tourist destinations on our planet-it has an extremely low crime rate and people do not exhibit that irritating invasive curiosity that you find in many other destinations.

Tashi Gongphel Tours and Travel (Bhutan Travel Agents and Bhutan Tour Operators) have been operating a variety of activity-based tours for our Groups and Individual tourists and have been able to mastermind them with great deal of efficiency.The company specializes in inbound tours and outbound tours offering wide range of Bhutan Tour Package and Bhutan Travel Guide on Bhutan Culture Tours, Bhutan Trekking,Bhutan Textiles Tours, Bhutan Festival Tours, Bhutan Travel,Travel Bhutan, Bhutan Tour,Bhutan Flora & Fauna, Bhutan Rafting, Bhutan Meditation Tour, Bhutan Business Tour, Bhutan Honey moon Tour, Bhutan Botanical Tour, Bhutan Bird watching, Bhutan Photography Tours,Bhutan Pilgrim Tours,Bhutan Religious Tours, Bhutan Mountain Biking, Bhutan Excursion, Tour Bhutan Travel,Travel Bhutan Tour,Bhutan Fishing Tours, and other adventures Tour.

The hospitality business is a sunrise industry in Bhutan .There is a wide range of accommodation available in Bhutan from the simple farm house stay to the high end resort in some districts. Most of the tourist hotels are clean and basic and offer simple comfort and culinary fare. Tourist to Bhutan generally does not demand luxury accommodation. The Tourism Council of Bhutan categories and monitor the quality of accommodation in the country. It is our sincere commitment to make your stay in Bhutan one of the most unforgettable holidays of a lifetime.



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Bhutan's Daily Newspaper,Bhutan News ,The Bhutanese Expression,Bhutan Travel Tour - bhutanvisitors Bhutan's Daily Newspaper,Bhutan News ,The Bhutanese Expression,Bhutan Travel Tour - bhutanvisitors
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